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Texture Pack Crafting Table
Tool: Axeempty
Block ID: 27
Transparency: Yes
Blocks fluids: Yes

Crafting table or Workbench is an essential block in SurvivalCraft. Using a crafting table is the only way the player can access the 3x3 crafting grid. It is made of 4 planks, so they are very easy to craft even in the beginning.

Crafting tables are capable of storing in 9 item slots, even when the player closes the crafting interface. This makes them a cheap alternative to chests. They have unique side and top textures, so they are good for decoration too.

Mining Times
Hand: 3 secs
Wooden Axe: 1.6 secs
Stone Axe: 1 sec
Iron Axe: 0.71 secs

                                Diamond                       0.31 secs


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